Simple Stumps

I love texture in a room so I think when you mix in different woods and logs with chic or vintage elements you can make a room feel complete. Some of my favorite elements in our house are the log tables, stacked firewood and twig lettering in my little boys room . I wanted to share a few pictures of my items as well as some great ideas I have found along the way. 

 If you are inspired to have one of these look check out my Lovely Logs page and contact me for more details.  We can pretty much make whatever you want.

When I showed my husband these pictures I challenged hime to trying to make the square log tables and something similar the poplar tree dining table, so watch for these in the future 🙂


via House and Home 

These painted stumps are absoultely stunning! Such a simple idea and beautiful unique outcome. I heart the white tables!

via Kadoddle                                                       

via Thrifty and Chic

via Manolo for your Home

As creative as the above pictures are, I still LOVE the look of a simple stump table like my own table below! The legs on the logs are great as well because they offer a bit of height and give the table a more contemporary feel.

via Better Home and Gardens

via The Nester  


via Gone Thrifting


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