Sparkeling Jars

Long ago I pretty much stopped using any type of vases in my home other than old glass jars! I love the look and have found some beautiful pictures to share with you of clustering jars and other old bottles 🙂


via seesawdesigns

Fresh flowers ALWAYS make any room in the house look better! My lovely Aunt said to me once, “It doesn’t matter how messy your house is, if you have fresh-cut flowers in the room that is all that anyone will notice” 🙂 I live by that and don’t go a day with out fresh flowers in my home. I buy most of mine at my own local grocery store and always buy “In Season’ cuts as the prices are a bit better on the pocket-book.

via Marigolds and Mithai

I love the look of the below picture because all the these flowers look fresh out of the garden! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

via ts1


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