New Year, New Decor

With being pregnant and having a toddler, I have somewhat taken an early mat leave as many of you already know. I have not taken on many projects the last few months. However, I can only go so long before I find myself itching to change something or try something new. Weight loss couldn’t be my goal for the New Year, so instead I chose to change a large amount of the furniture and decor in my house and challenged myself to keeping an extremely low-budget when doing so. With the help of my darling husband, I have managed to change my living room, master bedroom and basement family room colors and decor. Check out the pics of my new living room below. I will share the master bedroom as soon as the chandelier is hung 🙂 Once again I apologize for my poor photo taking abilities!

It has taken me 4 long years but I finally convinced my husband that the fireplace needed to be changed to white. Turned out amazing!!



I love the look of old pallets hung on the wall, so after the change to the fireplace I went down to my local hardware store and asked if I could take one off their hands. These can be found pretty much anywhere, such as an industrial area, grocery or hardware store or even on Kijiji and most people are just trying to get rid of them. I like the look of stamping so I found one with a greyish tone to it and red stamping on the side. I used some old jars that I wrapped wire around to hang, pretty glass door knobs and old frames/platter that I had around the house. As much as I was always against hanging a set of my hubby’s deer antlers in the house, it turned out great!

Probably my favorite change in the room would be the new light that I made myself. I just used some old rusty garden wire, a drop light that I removed the cover off of and an old lamp shade structure that I used to put it all together. I also used a large bulp for a more industrial look and I LOVE it!!!

 I sewed my new draps and used the old pillows that I had but just re-covered them.

Lots of work but it was so much fun to do and has given such a fresh feel to the house.




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