Day by Day

So day by day this house is beginning to feel more like the home I have had envisioned in my head but whoa wee it has taken ALOT of hard work to get there. It was in pretty bad cosmetic shape when we bought it and most friends and family that we brought through the doors probably left thinking those McDonald’s are CraZy!! BBBut it has been worth all the headache and stress and now it’s on to the fun stuff. We have finally moved in sans the closet doors, door handles and most the light fixtures aren’t up as I am making most of them myself. Check out some pics of the transformation in progress. 🙂





The 'Bones' of this house are amazing and have given me lots to work with. The twelve foot ceilings are beautiful, triple ten foot French doors are spectacular, gorgeous winding staircase as well as the detail of the fire place. We have done almost the entire renovation on a limited budget therefore the work has been mainly done by ourselves, other than the blinds and paint. We have sculpted concrete counters over my existing countertops, tore out walls and closets, drywalled, installed new electrical outlets, replaced and upgraded lights and electrical, plumbed in a new dishwasher, installed new flooring and I think the biggest job of all was hand scraped and refinished the original hardwood.

We chose to install new Fir floor in the upstairs but then took on the painful task of trying to replica the original hardwood in the house. I personally hand nailed and individually stained each board. I know, crazy right 🙂 But we are soooo happy we did all that extra work because it turned out as good as it possibly could.




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