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I love the idea of taking the only object that actually ‘lights up the room’ and making it do its job when it’s on or off. The idea of making a not so common light fixture appeals to me and of course recycling something that others would have discarded as garbage and using it as a piece of art is just good for the environment šŸ™‚

Other than my classic chandeliers that I have throughout the house, I have pretty much made all of my fixtures. I do have to say that life is just to short to not wake up under a beautiful chandelier, in my opinion, so I have a few of these :).

In my old house I had used the peony wire from my grandmas garden to make a fixture in my front room, which I brought with me to this house as it now hangs above my kitchen sink.


This house had been used as a rental for many many years, so when we purchased it a lot of treasures and trash were left behind. When we were cleaning out some of the left over items at this house in the garage and attic I came across an old mid century fan screen that I thought would make a very cool, very industrial fixture for my sons bedroom. It turned out great!!!


My daughters room I wanted to combine both earthy textures and a white whimsical feel to keep things soft and pretty. I knew I wanted to take a stab at a twig chandelier but I still can’t get over the outcome. It is absolutely beautiful!!




There were two original light fixtures that had been left behind, so I really wanted to keep these somewhere in the house but just with an updated feel. I changed my mind multiple times about what rooms I wanted these located in but in the end they are perfect. I got my hands on a few antique blue glass jar and thought those would make really pretty light covers. So then there was the challenge of figuring out how to get them securely on the fixture but in the end the finished product is perfect!


The larger of the two antique fixtures had a lot of detailing so right away I knew I wanted to shabby chic this one. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to use as light covers. So after thinking through a few options in my head I decided to turn to good ol ‘eBay for some stunning crystals and blinged it up :). I am so happy I did!!


In my pantry I was hoping for an old gas station light or barn light but didn’t want to pay a lot or have the painful task of re-wiring one, so I found a fixture that would work and sprayed it with mint spray paint!! Turned out great!!




The biggest and by far my most favorite fixture hangs above my dining room table. I had the privilege of being able to salvage some scraps from one of the oldest farms in my lil’town when the property was sold. I got my hands on an old ladder that I wanted to have somewhere in my house and I really wanted a Edison light chandelier of some sorts. So when the idea came to me to use the ladder for the light I had a tough time finding an affordable version of a fixture that would work. After searching I found one online that I had to order from over seas and probably could not return it if this all didn’t pan out. I hit up eBay to get a bunch Edison bulbs in different lengths and shapes and after a couple hours and my handy husband we ended up with this šŸ™‚ I LOVE it!!



I still have one more light fixture to do and hopefully it will be stunning as its for my front foyer. It is an item I found here at the house and I am very excited about the finished product. I will post pictures when I'm done šŸ™‚


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