Who want’s to go Glamping

Camping season is in full force and I know I enjoy that vacation so much more if I am surrounded with a beautiful space. I find it much nicer to relax with a glass of champagne in an area that is cute and cozy, and not that lovely generic manufactured trailer fabric and curtains.

We own a 21′ sailboat and I have redecorated the living quarters in a nautical red, white and navy theme. However, we still haven’t taken the plunge for a new trailer. When we do I’m sure we will look for an older style trailer that I can redecorate and restore, as that’s what I like to do best 🙂

It’s amazing what a can of paint, some recovered pillows and new drapes will do to a small space. Adding some wall decor is also an easy way to change the feel and as long as it is completely secured to the wall there is no reason that it can’t be done. I have been saving some great photos for inspiration when we do finally decide to jump on the band wagon.

Happy Glamping Season!







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