Perfectly Pretty Plates and Platters!

When I was growing up, both my grandma and mom had plate displays hung on the walls through out the house. They would have pictures of kittens, ducks and other animals. Some where even collectors plates of the royal family or anniversaries. I always gave them a hard time about the collections they had but now when they come to my house its their turn to give me a hard time as I have a small obsession with vintage plates and silver platters being hung as decor items.

There is something just so soft and pretty about vintage tea plates and when you mix other element with them like antique platters I think it adds a bit of an edge and glamour. Here are some pictures of the plate displays in my house and some that I have found on Pinterest that I just love!!

This is my fireplace plate display. I have added some other interesting items to mix it up a bit but I just love it!!!


I also have a funny spot where my chimney is in the wall so there is a series of corners that I have used all different vintage plates to fill the spot!! It looks so pretty. My photo taking skills are not the best with my iPhone 🙂


Here are a few other ideas I really like the look of.







Lastly, here is a gate that I have added plates and platters on to make it more of a piece of art to hang on the wall! If you end up doing your own plate wall I would love to see a picture! D



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