DIY – Easy Twine Easter Eggs

Well it’s that time of year again and I wanted to do something to start getting the house decorated for Easter. It had to be easy enough that the kiddos could help me with it and I also needed something that would go with the decor in my home. I am so happy with how these lil’cutiest turned out!! They are a bit messy but that adds to the fun for the kids.


  • a roll of twine, you could also use a pastel coloured wool or yarn to make it more Easter-ish
  • wall paper adhesive
  • ballons
  • scissors
  • ribbon or crochet lace

Easy Twine Easter Eggs

 To begin, blow up the balloons with just enough air to make them look like a realistic egg. Tie them off and set them aside.

Easy Twine Easter Eggs

Now you will need to cut out large pieces of your twine. I found if I cut them to long that my twine would knot up as I tried to apply it to the balloons. I would recommend using two pieces of 2 meter twine and just hiding the loose ends by tucking them underneath other pieces.

Easy Twine Easter Eggs

Once you have the twine cut, saturate it in the wall paper adhesive. I strained the extra adhesive off the twine with my fingers so that it wasn’t globby and then began wrapping the twine around a balloon. Wrap the balloon to your desired coverage with the twine.

Easy Twine Easter Eggs

Wipe off any extra globs of glue then set aside your finished balloons to dry. I left mine overnight just to make sure they were good and dry.

Easy Twine Easter Eggs

When you are comfortable that the twine is very dry, almost a crunchy consistence, you can now take a push pin or sewing needle and pop the balloons. Be sure to have a table cloth or placemat under this part as it can get a bit messy.

Easy Twine Easter Eggs

This was by far the funniest part for the kids. Some of the balloons popped quickly and others let out a slow leak of air that took a bit to drain. The balloons make a loud crackling noise when separating from the twine and my sweet little girl was actually squealing with delight at the sound. So cute to watch!


Carefully take the balloon out of the twine egg and brush off any extra dried glue with your fingers.  After you have removed all the balloons from the twine, simply string your lace or ribbon through the top most hole in your egg.Easy Twine Easter Eggs

I hung our eggs above the fireplace along with a pretty wicker bunny and a lovely Easter hydrangea. These cute little eggs would also look good in a basket or crate. I hope y’all enjoy this one as much as we did!

Easy Twine Easter EggsEasy Twine Easter Eggs

Easy Twine Easter Eggs

Easy Twine Easter Eggs

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