Big Bloomers


Everyone has a guilty pleasure, some people drink wine, some people delight in desserts, my guilty pleasures is fresh flowers in my house. I usually have to replace them about once a week and pretty much have it down to a science which types of flowers last the longest and how they need to be cared for. However, every now and then I get tired of the constant upkeep of them (and my hubby gets tired of the cost) so I like to try different potted blooming plants. My two favourite blooms are peonies and hydrangea but obviously peonies don’t make very good house plants.


In the spring time and around Easter is always the best time of year to get your hands on different breeds of hydrangea’s at an affordable cost. I have had good luck this year at Home Depot ($15.99) and Walmart ($10.99) however the plants from both those locations don’t hold a candle to the big blooms at Costco for the excellent price of $19.99.

In years past I have sometimes struggled to keep my hydrangea’s from dying on me but this year I seemed to have found the proper way to care for them and the right amount of upkeep to keep them going strong. Always try and place your hydrangea’s in areas that receive morning sunlight and afternoon shade, for best growth. Fertilize hydrangea’s with a water soluble fertilizer and prune them with shears after flowering.


When watering them, to insure that the roots receive enough water and stay wet all day I have simply added a container to the bottom of the plant pot and dump water in there instead of at the top of the plant. The plant roots and soil then soak up the water from the bottom as needed and seem to respond very well to this. For the ones that I replant into a new container and that I can not place a container under, I am very careful to water the whole area of the top soil around the hydrangea stems and not in just one spot as I found that when part of the soil would get to dry then the part of the plant in that area would begin to dry up and brown.


I also make sure to water every single day and the trick is to not change the plants location or amount of sunlight. If you care for them properly they may even begin to bloom again. I also have a few others right now like cala lilys and a beautiful lavender plant that are doing well with simply watering them on a daily basis. There is nothing better than a plant that looks good and smells amazing as well!

Happy Mothers Day Y’all






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