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IMG_0899This past weekend our lil’family took a road trip wayyyy up north to Cold Lake Alberta. My hubby used to be in the military and still has close friends who are stationed at the Canadian Forces Base there now so we went to visit. Our friends had recently moved out there from Quebec and had yet to do a lot of decorating to the new house. So we showed up with a whole bunch of B Vintage goodies and had some fun decorating the joint! Both families took part in the process and the end result was so perfectly pretty. Unfortunately, I forgot my wide angle lens for photos so most of these pics are close ups but you can still see how nice it turned out.



Whenever I take on a photo wall I usually like to start by laying out the pieces I have on the floor to try and find a good balance of the large and small frames and decor items that I am hanging. Always take pictures of how it looks because as soon as you move one piece it will be to hard to go by memory. I usually end up changing one or two of the items as I start to see it actually hung on the wall but as long as the proportions look even and balanced then you will be good to go. As you can see with this wall, I had plenty of helpers to make sure it turned out perfect and now all she needs to do is fill it with her own photos. If you do make a mistake remember that its always fixable with a little drywall putty and some paint so don’t sweat the small stuff.


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