Fields of Bloom 


Springtime is one of my favourite times of the year. 🌻🌿 Waiting to see when the first rhubarb will pop through the ground, the pretty smells of the lilac’s and Mayday tree’s covered in white blooms. It brings me back to childhood and I guess I get my excitement about these little things from my mother and Grandmother as they were both gardeners too.

I have recently had the pleasure of doing a bit of design work for sweet client who has turned in to a lovely friend. Lined with barn wood fences, her property truly does give Martha Stewart farms a run for its money. It’s fields are beautiful blooming fruit trees and lovely gardens with row upon row of rhubarb, strawberries, raspberries and even asparagus. The stunning log farmhouse sits nestled into the hillside and has been completely redone with a beautiful rustic chic charm to it. You will even notice a one of my massive spool clocks hung in this beautiful home. Spring had the apple trees in full bloom and she was kind enough to let me go and snap a few photos of her one of a kind property so that I could share it with you. Enjoy ❤️


This big beautiful barn door was left at one of their properties. It was put on sliders and is now the entrance to a bedroom.

  This adorable barn wood direction sign sends you to the right area for picking all your favorite fruits and veggies. Such a touch of charm.      Beautiful handmade wooden bird houses      


      Stunning stairs through out the exterior property have been made out of old railway ties. IMG_1631

  IMG_1636I snacked on the fresh picked asparagus as I took photo’s of the blooming choke cherries and apple trees.



The pretty farm is completed with friendly animals like these donkey’s and a pond full of ducks. Simply a tiny piece of paradise.


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