Diner en Blanc Calgary

When one of my girlfriends asked me to join her for an evening picnic in Calgary I agreed right away. Up until this month I had  never heard of the Diner en Blanc but a night out on the town, yes please! She told me we would have to wear all white and that the location was a secret. Easy enough right??!!


After booking our tickets, I saw that there was much more to this event then just showing up with a park blanket and having a PB&J. First off, it was invite only and not only did we need to wear all white but we had to bring our own white table, white chairs, white candles, white table linens, white plating and unless we wanted the catered dinner for an additional fee, we needed to bring our own picnic. We met up with our party goers at Eau Claire Market and proceeded to cart our items approximately 100 meters to our secret picnic location. Right away, the girls and I were so impressed with the fashion at this event, everyone was wearing white however the outfits were all so stylist, individual and beautiful. Those who had been before where very obvious as they had flowers and beautiful centerpieces for the tables as well as trolleys and wagons to carry their items, the rest of us just strong maned it all the way! Our tables were then arranged in long rows and in a matter of minutes a beautiful ‘white’ evening was laid out in a previously empty park. There was amazing live music and one of a kind white sculptures found throughout the picnicking area. We waited for the famous white napkin wave and then we ate our yummy picnic listening to an amazing surprise opera performance with our backdrop being the sun set and the Calgary Peace bridge. The evening finished with a talented live band called the Wet Secrets and the whole crowd burning sparklers.
The evening truly was a one of a kind, lovely dinning experience and for those interested in the history…The Dîner en  Blanc was started buy a man named François Pasquier, who invited a few friends to the Bois de Boulogne one day in June. To find each other in the park, they all wore white. The dinner was such a success that they decided the next year, each person would invite some other friends and the event grew organically into the 10000+ dinner it is today.




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