Shops At Station 8

For me, road trip vacations are always by far the best!! 💗 I love to get up early and leave with plenty of time and the intention to make LOTS of pit stops. This would drive most men crazy but my hubby has learned to love junking as much as I do and my kiddos are such good sports too. They are always keeping their eyes peeled for a antique shop, garage sale or flea market so mommy can stop, usually because they get some new (old) toy out of the deal.

Today my heart went pitter patter when we took a different route home from Whitefish (Logan’s Pass route) and came upon antique shops, what felt like every few blocks.  There was one in paticular at that totally blew me away! I found a beautiful salvaged piece from Detroit, that I will share with you later and could have easily taken home so many more items if I had my way. I thought I better share this little gem of a shop with y’all. If you are ever in the Columbia Falls area, be sure to stop at Shops At Station 8, Elise the assistant manager was such a little sweetie too.  Here are a few shots of this adorable store.



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  1. Thanks for the pics Deborah! I came across this shop a couple years ago! Isn’t it the BEST!!? Love it and can’t wait to go back…I see some great stuff in your photos!

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