RootStock Alberta 2015

One of my favourite things about living in a small town are the quality food choices that I can make for my family. I try to pick up farm fresh eggs every week from the auction mart or a family friend who has chickens and each year I have a put to pasture, grass-fed, hormone free lamb or side of beef butchered for our family to eat for over the winter. I also am able to have TWO gardens of my own, one at my home and one at the farm my in-laws live at,  which both produce veggies for us to eat all summer long and well into the winter. It makes me so happy to give my family pesticide, hormone and stress free products because what you put into your body is so important!!

Over about a week ago , I was fortunate enough to go to an event on this topic I feel so passionate about. Alberta’s 1st Annual Rootstock is all about promoting sustainable farming in our community. The evening was to help raise both awareness and funding for the ‘We Grow All’ online site/portal that will help our local holistic and healthy food growing farming community continue to be profitable and regenerative, with the hopes that others will follow their lead. This website will also help these farmers connect with the consumers who are becoming increasingly more aware of the food we put into our bodies and how it is grown. It will be a source that can be used by farmers to educate and market the food they are growing to those, largely in urban communities, who otherwise don’t have access to any organically grown product other than a weekly farmers market or the organic section in the local grocery store.

The evening was held at the beautiful Fisher Farms just west of Didsbury. Pre dinner entertainment included talented performing artist, Dominique Fricot, singing amazing background music from the garden as we shopped a small farmers market featuring some of the local farmers and businesses that the event was all about. The open bar offered med mohitos and ceasers served by Eau Claire Distillery, while yummy orderves were being passed around by the wonderful staff from the farm.   Dinner was right up my alley with shabby chic inspired decor and a lovely farmhouse style feel. The rows of tables were lined with hay bales to sit on and mix matched salvaged china for plate settings. There were beautiful fresh-cut flowers from the farm on all of the tables and the completely organic meal, with all meats and veggies provided by a wonderful list of local farmers,  was prepared by guest chef David Cousineau and served on a long barn wood plank in a family plate sharing type style and med wine from Fallentimber Meadery.  The evening was completed with a presentation and jam sessions with some awesome local bands! I was so happy to get to be a part of this event on a topic that means so much to me, I can’t wait for next year!







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