DIY Neutral Pumpkin Patch

As most of you know, I LOVE white, so as much as I think fall is about the pretty colors of oranges, yellows and red, I also like to have a bit of a softer fall pallet in most parts of my home. These DIY pumpkins are so simple to make and turned out so CUUTE!

  •  cream or white  Satin finish spray paint (I used both colors)
  • small gourds or pumpkins, these can be real or artificial, the real ones will last approx 2 months for the decorating season.
  • painters tape


Start by taping off any of the stems of the gourds/pumpkins to keep them a natural color. I like mine to still look as real as possible.

Set out the pumpkins in a clean area. Shake your spray paint well before using and then from about a 6″ distance spray a layer of paint, make sure you keep that can moving so you avoid any drips. If you do encounter a drip, simply dap it dry with a damp cloth or your finger and then let it dry completely.

When you are sure that the pumpkins are totally dry, go ahead and give it another coat. Again you will need to wait for approx 30 -45 mins or so before you flip them over and start the process on the other side. Keep going back and forth between the sides as you apply coats until the pumpkins are completely painted. Let them dry for a hour or two before you carefully remove the tape from the stems. If there is any orange showing from the pumpkin underneath at this point you can spray a very small amount of the paint into a plastic container and then using a Q-tip, dap the unpainted spot. Nail polish remover will clean up the plastic container or any unwanted paint if you need to afterwards.

Now you have your beautiful fall neutral coloured decor! Easy Peasy!



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