Easy DIY Autumn Wreath

So its that time of year to ‘spruce up’ the decor to match the season. I love to change things up for the holidays or seasons as it keeps things new and fresh looking, that way I never get tired of how things are looking. This is another reason why I keep my house colour pallet very neutral, the colors of the decor always blend in. Here’s what you need to make a beautiful fall wreath.

  • boxwood or autumn type plain wreath
  • fall looking apples or plastic pumpkins/gourds
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks

I had this boxwood wreath hanging on my front door all summer and it was starting to fade and brown slightly, it was becoming the perfect colour for a fall wreath. I had some small fall type apples that I had found at Homesense so I thought the two combined would have lots of texture. You could use plastic pumpkins or gourds too which I have seen at both Walmart and Micheals stores.

Begin by plugging in the glue gun to warm and then start placing the apples evenly around the wreath. Choose a layout that looks balanced and attractive to you. Simply apply a good sized amount of glue to the first apple and then quickly/firmly push the apple onto the wreath, hold it in place for about 10 seconds to insure it secures.

Complete this step for all the apples and botta-bang you have a new beautiful wreath!

Hang and ENJOY!




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