Pretty DIY Fall Planters

Decoring my front step is one of my favs! We live on a fairly busy road in front of our house, so I love that others can enjoy as I change things up a bit. I found some pretty potted Mums at Walmart for $6.98 and turned my big urns into a beautiful fall display.

Items you will need

  • Large pots/planters
  • Potted Mums, mine came from Walmart
  • Fallen leaves
  • Birch Wood branches
  • Twigs

I have two large urns that I keep at the front as my statement pieces to the entrance of my home, each season I change what is in them to go with the time of year. I collected some small birch trees awhile back and use them in almost every planter I do to add texture.

Begin by placing your twig and birch wood in the centre of the planter.

The mums I purchased had 5 plants to one pot so I simply separated the plants into individuals. Dig small holes and evenly plant them around the birch branches. Once you have covered the roots with dirt and firmly pressed the dirt down, take your pretty fall coloured leaves and fill the holes in between the plants in the planter with the leaves. This just gives a bit more of a seasonal look. In years past, I have used small pumpkins or gourds as well to do the same thing.

I had also purchased some pretty pumpkins and gourds from Walmart for $5.98/bag, as well as a 32lb pumpkin from Kolhut Farms that I placed out on the step to add some extra autumn goodness. All together I was able to decorate my step for under $30 and it looks so cute! I would love to see some of your fall decor too!



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