Spooky DIY Halloween Wreath 

So this is the first year in the big ol’white house on the corner that we are having a Halloween get together. I figured I better decorate for the occasion. I wanted it to look as spooky as possible but of course needed it to be with in budget. So I headed on down to the local Dollrama and Walmart and found everything I needed to make a spooky Halloween DIY wreath.

  • Grape vine wood wreath base ($4.95 at Walmart)
  • Black sparkley foliage, about 7-10 pieces (about $1-$3 each depending on where you get them)
  • A black feather boa ($2 at Dollarama)
  • Mini skulls ($5 for a bag at Walmart)
  • Large black skull ($1.50 at Dollarama)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

Plug in your glue gun. Begin by taking you first piece of foliage and weaving the stem of it in and out of the wooden wreath. Continue with the next piece of foliage the same way insuring that you cover any visual part of the last ones stem that is still showing. You will continue this step until all your foliage is as desired, I found it much easier to weave if I curved the stem to the same angle as the curve of the wreath base. Be sure to leave about a 6″ gap at the base of the wreath free of foliage so that you can weave the feather boa into the wreath.

Weave the feather boa in and out of the wreath base and when the desired amount of boa is in place simply cut the boa and tuck the end in the wreath to secure. Now lay out skulls to desired position and simply using the glue gun, glue the large skull to the wreath itself. I found it didn’t glue as well to the feathers. Once the large skull is in place, glue the smaller ones the same way. If any of the foliage needs some extra support to stay in place simply use the glue gun at this point and secure. Hang and enjoy ❤️👻👹



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