We’ve Been Booed/Boozed


A few years ago, our neighborhood had a fun lil’activity happen called “You’ve been Booed”. The kids loved that you got to run up to two a neighbours homes, leave some treats and door bell ditch them by running as fast as you can back to your car. It really kicked off the season and got us excited for Halloween! I have put together a couple signs for you to use to start the tradtition in your area. I have done up an adult version as well where the ‘treats’ used are alcohol. “We’ve Been Boozed”


The sign explains it really well but I’ll explain it just in case anyone’s confused.

-Start by printing off two copies of the signs (door sign and directions).
-get two treats, could be a basket of halloween treats, something homemade or just a candy bar and leave on the door step of two neighbors.
-make sure both of the  “you’ve been booed” signs (sign and directions) are in the basket of goodies that you are to deliver as they will need to tape it to their door or front window for all to see.
-leave the treats at the door, ring the bell, and run!

Have so much fun!

Save images to desktop open in word and expand it to the size you want then print:

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