DIY Grain Sack Upholstered Bench

This pretty little bench was one of the first furniture pieces that I ever bought. I was only about 20 and it has come with me from home to home. It has had about five different facelifts along the way but this one has to be my fav! I love the look of vintage grain sack but it is very, very hard to find in these parts of the world, so I have mastered the art of making my own ‘replica’ version.


Required Materials


  • Painters Drop Cloth
  • Paint Sponge
  • Painters Tape
  • Paint of your choice for grain sack stripes
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Staple gun


To begin, measure your surface area of your bench to be covered and then give yourself about three extra inches all the way around (just to be safe).

Cut out your cover piece and then measure your exact centre spot from there and begin laying out your tape dependant on the design that you are wanting. I chose to have one large stripe in the middle with two smaller ones on the sides however there are many different patterns you can choose, just as long as you insure that the lines stay even and strait throughout.


I go along the edge of the tape with my nail to make sure it is good and adhered to the fabric so that no paint leaks underneath. Now begin painting, using long even strokes, make sure you don’t have to much paint on the sponge or it will increase the chance of leakage under the tape. You will probably need to do two coats.


 Let it dry and remove the tape.


I always wash my material as it give a much more realistic appearance after a wash or two. Tumble dry. Now comes the upholstery. Begin by laying your material upside down on your working area. Place the bench seat on top and make sure that your have the lines from the material right down the center of the seat. Fold the side of the material over the seat and using your staple gun, staple the material firmly to the seat.


Place three or four staples on one side before going to the other. Leave about 4 inches on both sides of the corners free to insure you can work with the edges when you come to them.


Once you are satisfied with the main area of the seat cushion move on to the corners. Wrap one side of the corner around to the other, keeping it as smooth as possible.

final-5Play with folding the fabric until you get a straight smooth edge.


Note where the edges will be and trim excess fabric.  Be sure not to cut so much that you expose a raw edge, but take away a good bit of the extra so you aren’t left with lumpy corners.

With excess fabric cut away, tuck the edge with the staple under and tuck and fold the other edge over top and pull tightly to the underside of the plywood and staple.  Staple any loose fabric flat on the bottom. Repeat with all the remaining corners.

Good luck and I would love to see your finished products ❤️




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