DIY Vintage Paper and Linen Rose Hearts

I wanted something on my mantel that added Valentine’s Day touches while giving some neutral texture to the area. I decided that some easy peasy DIY hearts would do the trick. I think they turned out perfect. ❤️



  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Felt marker
  • Material of your choice. I used a linen
  • Old book pages


Begin by free hand drawing two large hearts on your cardboard. Size will be up to you but mine were about 7″(white rose heart) and 5″ (vintage paper heart). Use your scissors to cut the hearts out and don’t worry if they aren’t perfect, you will be able to hide any imperfections when you do your glueing. Make sure to turn your glue gun on to get it heating up.

Rose Bud Material Heart

Begin by cutting strips of your material in various lengths keeping them approx 2″wide. If they aren’t perfect don’t worry!! Then simply start rolling the fabric in a circle around itself to resemble a rose. I twist the fabric as I go as well to add a bit more detail to it. When you come to the end of your piece get that glue gun out and glue away!! Watch your fingers, my were pretty burnt by the time I was done this one but what do you do. Then simply press the rose into your cardboard cut out. Start with your larger stripes of material to make the bigger roses first and place them through out the cardboard. As your strips of material get small you can fill the ‘holes on the heart.  Just keep going until your heart is complete.


Vintage Paper Heart

Begin by cutting long strips of your paper.  I would get four strips to one page of paper. Then fold your strip in half width wise, from there fold the paper like you are making a small fan (pictured).  Then using the glue gun, simply glue the bottom of the ‘fan’ and press it on to the cardboard heart.  Continue to do this until your heart is totally full. On the edges you can almost spread the ‘fan’ out a bit to make it fill the places that need it. This one was a bit time consuming but it sure looks pretty when it’s done.  ❤️❤️



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