Natural Spring Wreath

It’s that time of year again, the weather is warming and I have the itch to start planting the garden and putting out the patio furniture. I just hung up my new front door wreath and I adore how it turned out. Here is an easy step by step tutorial on how to do the same one.



  • Natural Moss balls, I found a big bag of all different sizes at Homesense (HomeGoods in the US)
  • Different size styrofoam balls, I got some at Micheals and even found some at the Dollar store for a much better price. Walmart carries them too.
  • Jute Twin
  • Cream Wool
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Grapevine wreath
  • Cream linen wired ribbon



Begin by plugging in your glue gun, once it is hot you can start making your twine and wool balls. Simply put a dot of glue on the styrofoam ball, then place the end of the wool or twine on the glue  and start wrapping the material around the ball. Make sure you wrap in all different directions to insure the ball doesn’t begin to look like an oval or egg but instead more of a ball of yarn.

Continue to wrap until you are happy with the coverage of the styrofoam ball.

Set your finished balls aside.


I did approximately 4 large balls, 4 medium and 6 small of each. You can always make more small ones later too fill in any holes if you need to. Start gluing your balls onto the wreath, I always place my large balls first all over the wreath to insure it looks balanced. From there you can fill in any spots with your smaller sizes.

Try and keep a good mix of the textures to make sure the wreath looks symmetrical as best as you can. Keep gluing the balls on until the wreath looks full.


When you are satisfied with the look of your wreath, simply tie a nice bow with the linen ribbon. Using the glue gun, attach the bow to the spot you want. It makes all the difference using a wired ribbon as the bow will stay looking stiff after it is hung. If you don’t have wired ribbon, you can alway try gluing the loops to the wreath to keep them up. There you have it, a beautiful fresh Spring wreath.


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