Chalk Paint DIY Cabinet

 I was given this beautiful Chintz and Co armoire years ago by a friend, it was such a beautiful piece but I always found it a bit dark for my home. I was recently look through the beautiful and talented Becky, Buckets of Burlap, feed and was loving the pops of color throughout her home. I do have a mint green buffet in my living room so I figured I would try a bit more color. What was the worst that could happen?? I would paint the piece white if I decided I didn’t like it.  Well I LOVE how it turned out and the finish was so easy to achieve. Here is a step by step tutorial on how I did it and heres where to save it on your Pinterest




  • Country Chic Chalk Paint in Tropical Cocktail and Icicle
  • Block buffer or sand paper
  • A good paint brush
  • Lint free towel or rag
  • Bowl of water

Begin by giving the piece a quick sand, nothing crazy just a quick buff. Make sure your piece is dust and dirt free before you begin using your paint. Start by using the brighter of the two colours, in this case it is the Tropical Cocktail. Dip your brush in the product and then make sure to wipe the brush on the side of the container to insure you don’t have to much product on your brush. In long quick strokes, brush the paint on the piece with medium pressure on the brush! You don’t want to have full coverage, you are looking for more of a base color with hints of wood still showing, almost a white wash effect. Once you have one full coat of paint, let the product dry completely for about an hour or two. 

Once the product has dried and you are happy with that coverage, you can now start with the second color. Using your lint free rag or paper towel, dip it in the bowl of water then ring out the cloth to make it damp. Now dip the end of the towel into the second paint color, in this case CC Icicle, make sure you don’t have too much paint on the cloth. Begin the paint application by wiping the rag on the furniture in soft quick strokes. This is a white wash technique and the main objective is to insure the product blends into the first color without looking streaky or stripy. If this does occur, then continue to wipe until it blends properly and repeat until you have your desired finish for the whole piece. Let dry completely, an hour or two.

I was happy with the finish at this point on my armoire and was able to proceed with the natural wax finish, however if you want to distress your piece more, it would be at this time that you would sand the edges.  If you are using a Mouse sander, a 120 grit sandpaper would be best however if you are using a block sander a 80 grit will save you some elbow grease.

When you are happy with the distressed finish, you will need to seal the edges with your clear or natural wax. Using a clean, lint free cloth or wax brush, apply a small amount of the wax and rub/brush the sanded or wood exposed areas. Let the wax dry and you are done. Be sure to follow my blog to see all my posts first! Simply head to the bottom of the page and hit the follow button ❤️❤️


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6 thoughts on “Chalk Paint DIY Cabinet

  1. I love the color! Did you need both full 16 oz or could you have used a couple of the sample sizes?

    1. Hi there, Thanks for the message. I think it would depend on how big your piece is. I used more of the base colour than the top and if you got the darker base colour in a larger can then you could always add some white to mix your lighter colour if you ran out of the lighter sample colour. Hope that helps.

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