Springtime Willow Wreath

Spring has certainly begun here in our lil’part of the world and one sure tell tail sign is when the pussy willows begin to bud on the willow trees. My mom did a lot of working with willow when I was younger and made everything from furniture to baskets out of it so I have a bit of a soft spot for it in my heart. My mother and  sweet friend brought me in a few huge bundles this year so I decided to try making a fun spring wreath out of them. It was much easier than I expected and I love the finished look!



  • Large Pussy Willow Bundle
  • Wicker Wreath Form
  • Branch Nippers


Begin by cutting all the smaller willow branches off of the main branch using the nippers. You will want quite a large bundle of branches as the more you have the fuller the wreath will look. I preferred to do the cutting outside to save on the mess.

Once you are satisfied with how many branches you have you can begin making the wreath. Simply tuck the branches into the wicker wreath form one at a time, you will want a good chunk of the branch to be in the wreath. 1″- 2″ inches to insure that it doesn’t fall out or twist sideways after you lift the finished wreath up. Make sure that the branches are always facing the same direction. Continue to fill the whole wreath with the small branches, be sure that you are checking how even they are filling out  all the way around the wreath as you don’t want one side fuller than the other.

Once you have it completed to your satisfaction and fullness then you can add a bow or leave it plain like I did. And there you have it! A big, beautiful, natural spring willow wreath!

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