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Every now and then I find a feed on Instagram that I can’t stop checking in on. I ‘pop’ in to see whats new every few days because I am either inspired by the person behind the pictures or just love following the progress of what they are up too. Cami’s home is so inspiring and well put together, I adore everything about her home, photography and blog. Be sure to check it out at www.tidbits-cami.com for wonderful DIY tutorials, recipes and home tours. For now, enjoy this lil’look into her home. 



Spring Home Tour Entry-8
Spring Home Tour Entry-24

Spring Home Tour Entry-15

Cami is a self proclaimed ‘DIY fanatic!’  Whether you are talking food, decor, fabric, wood, etc – she is always trying to figure out a way to save money, custom make and do-it-herself.  She invests very carefully in items like couches and rugs or they are given to her as blog sponsorships.  She is a mom to 4 sweet kiddos, with a handy man husband who can help to DIY everything. (her and I have so much in common)  Her hubby and her are slowly updating their 1990’s home and destroying every bit of orange oak in their path.

Spring Home Tour Living Room-12
Spring Home Tour Living Room-8
Spring Home Tour Living Room-25
Spring Home Tour Living Room-5
She always starts with a vision for a space by figuring out what she can make herself.  Usually what she wants can’t be bought, so her hubby ends up building it or she sews whatever it is she desires.  If DIY can’t be done, she will check the thrift stores first, then the antique stores.  She sums up he style up by calling it a mix between a farmhouse in France and a cottage on the coast.
Spring Home Tour Kitchen-3
Spring Home Tour Kitchen-14
Spring Home Tour Kitchen-20
To achieve a classic and functional home, she starts with white paint!  She loves white walls with wood details like planking, shiplap, board and batten, brick, etc.  By painting them white she feels like that keeps a clean and classic feel to the room and lets the items inside the room really shine.  She adds as many antique-like pieces as she can find or make.  She loves a vintage feel in a room, but keep things minimal so it doesn’t feel cluttered.
Spring Home Tour Bedroom-1
Spring Home Tour Bedroom-5
Her favourite thing about her house is the tongue and groove vaulted ceiling in the living room.  They are re-doing this space at the moment so it fits her vision better.  Even though it was an orange stained oak ceiling when they moved in, she knew a bit of white paint would make the space just dreamy.
Spring Home Tour TIDBITS-32
Spring Home Tour Bedroom-20
All the bedroom linens were made by Cami – and the pillows found around the house. Her grandma taught her to sew as a child and it has proved very valuable.  She has tutorials on her blog for the bed skirt, linen duvet covers, and pillows. Be sure to check her out on Instagram or her blog www.tidbits-cami.com
Cottage Bathroom Reveal-13
Spring Home Tour TIDBITS-5
Spring Home Tour TIDBITS-31

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