Pallet Decor

My love for salvaged decor actual began with this beat up old pallet. I hung it above our fireplace in our old house, check out the pictures here, and brought it with me to this home.  I loved the look of ornate shabby chic pieces layered on the weathered wood! It is such a simple statement piece that doesn’t require a lot to make it pretty and I loved that I could change up the decor on it with out making holes in the walls.

I called our local hardware store and asked if they had any extra pallets that I could take, I was looking for the ones in bad shape so they were more than willing to part with this one. I also wanted one with a bit of industrial stamping and I loved that this one had red on it. 

The antlers are actually my hubby’s first deer, it took a lot for me to agree to hang these and I of course wanted to paint them white but I’m still working on that one. 😉 The pretty frames are all thrift store and garage sale finds that I spray painted white and the & marquee sign is from Micheals.

I staggered some crystal knobs on the pallet and then wrapped very thin wire around different sized, vintage glass jars. I may change these to blue jars when I come across a few more because I think they will look nice with the newly painted blue cabinet.  I change out the flowers between fresh or fake all the time and sometimes I even put candles in the jars for a different look.

Very easy decorating that is simple to change for the seasons and to update over time. Be sure to follow my blog to see all my posts first! Simply head to the bottom of the page and hit the follow button or add me to Pinterest here ❤️ Happy Saturday everyone!


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  1. I love it when I see you have posted something new. I enjoy driving by your house when I am going out of town to see if there is anything new and different. That house is blessed and the prettiest by far in Olds. I am Joy Foss’s aunt.

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