Front Porch Rocking

One of my absolute favourite parts of this big beautiful home is the large front wrap around deck. I have the most perfect spot to sit and sip tea or wine and have been looking for a set of rockers since we bought the house 3 years ago.With the collage so close to our house we have a fair bit of walking traffic sometimes in the front of our house so it’s always enjoyable to sit out there and people watch. While we were on vacation in Montana I came across the two perfect rocking chairs, even though they weren’t exact replicas of each other I kind of liked the small differences that they had. I had always envisioned keeping them a dark wood however when I brought them home they just didn’t have the feel I wanted dark so I decided to paint them. I was at the hardware store and came across the new Rustoleoum Chalk Spray paint and thought I would give it a try. I have painted enough spinal chairs to know if you can spray them it will cut your time in less than half so this worked perfectly. 


  • Rust-oleum Chalked in Linen White
  • Block 120 grit Sander
  • Mouse Sander with 120 grit Sand Paper
  • Krylon Transparent Sealer
  • Rocking chairs

Begin by giving your chairs a rough sand with the 120 grit block buffer, make sure you have gotten rid of all the dirt and cob webs.

Start spraying your chairs ensuring that your spray is about 6 inches distance away from the piece of furniture. Try and do long even strokes to eliminate the chances of blotching. Continue to spray the entire chair and let dry for about an hour. Do a second and third coat if necessary.  Let dry overnight.

Using the mouse sander, simply zip over the edges of the chair until you have achieved your desired distressed look. Brush off all the extra dust and sand from distressing.

Using the Transparent poly sealer, simply spray the edges of the piece of furniture to seal the exposed wood and give a nice finish.

That’s it! Enjoy.

I was happy with the finish that the Rust-oleum Chalked Paint gave however I didn’t think that the finish was much different from a satin white spray paint and was far more expensive. I would save my dollars next time and simply go with a spray gun and chalk paint or white satin finish spray paint.







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