5 Tips for Your Fall Centrepiece.

Fall has to be one of my favourite times of the year. The leaves are falling and the colours have all changed and the crisp air lets you know winter is just around the corner. I like to change up my decor each year and have something different to look at in the house. This year I decided to go all out with our Fall table and I L-O-V-E how it turned out. Here are a few tips on how to get the look. Heart



  1. Bring in natural elements – Fall is all about the beautiful changes happening outside. Harvest, falling leaves, natural elements. I chose this year to add willow wreaths as my base on top of my neutral linen table runner. From there I layered in white and birch tree pumpkins, antlers that I had painted white and cut blooms from my own hydrangeas to fill in the holes and for an added pop of green.
  2. Keep it simple – I use a lot of individual items on my table however a lot of them are repeats, the hydrangeas, white pumpkins, the willow wreaths. Keeping the same items through out allows the table to flow well and not look overwhelming.
  3. Mix real with fake – I will always take the look of a real or natural item over a fake one however it can also be nice to mix the two together. Some of the white pumpkins are real and I have mixed them with twine apples to give an mix of texture. A few of my white pumpkins are ones I use year after year and the tutorial for them is here.
  4. Keep the colour pallet neutral – As much as I love the colours and tones of Fall, I always prefer a calm cozy feel in my home. Keeping the pallet of my table woods and whites give the room a soft and comfortable feel and allow other elements in the room to still stand out. If I used a bright colour pallet it would completely dictate where the eye would be drawn in the room and take away or compete with some of my other favourites in the room like the EAT letters and the light fixture.
  5. Balance the heights – I tried to achieve a good balance on the table by having my largest tallest items in the middle and then tapering down from there. This again helps with the flow and keeps the centrepiece from looking to overwhelming.

Large white pumpkin and wicker pumpkins are from HomeSense.


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