Grandma’s Pie Cupboard

I was recently given my sweet grandmothers pie cupboard that has been in the family for years. It had screens on every side and was used to cool pies in the past. It was in very poor condition when I got it and needed some major repairs to have it brought back to life. I wasn’t sure if it was even going to be totally salvageable so it was a fun challenge to take on. I L.O.V.E how it turned out and a small corner of my kitchen has now had a major makeover because of it. I love that it displays some of my favourite dishes and quoted mugs! The frame I converted to a drying rack gave a beautiful balance of ornateness and farmhouse style to the space. To top it all off, it gave a perfect spot to showcase my fav item in the kitchen… my kitchen pig. Below is what I did to fix it up along with a few pictures of the new space.




I had to remove all the old metal screens as most were torn or covered in paint. To do this I had to take each piece of molding off one at a time around all of the openings. This was a slow process as I didn’t want to break any of them as they would need to go back on after the chicken wire was attached.

Using a regular sized 1″ chicken wire I had cut to size using pliers, I  attached the wire with a Stanley staple gun and 3/4″ staples. I replaced all sides except the back of the piece with chicken wire. For the back I simply cut a new piece of wood to make a solid backing. From there, using a brad nailer, I attached all of the holdings back onto the openings.

The piece had been painted on the front but the sides and shelves were all still original wood. I knew that I wanted the chicken wire to be the same colour as the rest of the cupboard so I simply used an Ivory Rustoleum spray paint with primer in a matte finish. I did three coats of paint and left it to dry for a good few hours in between coats. I made sure to cover the shelving with paper and painters tape as I wanted those to stay the dark wood colour. The top of the piece was already very naturally distressed and pretty so I simply cleaned it up and added a coat of Country Chic Paint Natural Wax.

After I was sure the piece was dry I used a Mastercraft Mouse Sander with a 120 grit sand paper to lightly distress the edges. I brushed off any extra dust from sanding using a dry paint brush and then used the Natural Wax to seal the edges. Thats about it! The results were beautiful and I am SO happy to have this piece in my kitchen.


3 thoughts on “Grandma’s Pie Cupboard

  1. Love it -I also got a glimpse of your kitchen island .I’m thinking of adding a zinc or stainless top to the one I have . What can you tell me about yours?

    1. Hi there I love mine and I think it is stainless steel. It does stain however when I get anything acidic on it such as tomatoes or vinegar etc. I love the look of it and its great to be able to put hot items on in the kitchen

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