Layers and Layers of Cozy – How to Layer Area Rugs

We have lived in this home for going on 4 years now and in that time I have changed the decor SO many times! I have had four different dining room tables, multiple hutches that have come and gone and now rugs, that I have changed out. For a very long time I had a Brazilian cowhide in the fireplace sitting room, as I loved the speckled chicness of the rug. It was beautiful however it wasn’t the most comfortable rug to sit on and read to the kids or be in front of the fireplace. It was also a very dark rug and I  felt like it needed a change and to be lighten up in this room. Take a peak below at some before and afters as well as the details of where I got the rugs. Don’t forget to hit the Follow Button below to get all my post first or follow me on Pinterest hereHeart



I first thought about placing a large knit round rug here for some texture, however knit rugs are hard to keep in place and I knew my Roomba would have a hay day with it.



I remembered that I had a very large round shaped doily table cloth that I could lay down to see if the idea was worth moving forward. I decided I loved the look but it needed more depth and texture. I had a sheep skin that I had purchased from Costco awhile back that I placed in the area but it just wasn’t big enough.

Finally I landed on the idea of layering the two with a jute round rug underneath to tie in all the texture! I decided it looked the best with only a small amount of the table cloth covering the jute and then the hide on an angle above that. You can find table cloths like this one at second hand stores, antique stores, or order similar one that is wool on Etsy.

It looks SO prefect in the space. Not only does it fill the area, but now the kids now have a soft place to lie and read books or play.The 6′ round jute rug is from Pottery Barn.

A couple tips for layering your own rugs are

  • Make sure that you have varying textures.
  • Always leave enough of the rug underneath showing. If you cover to much of each it looks cluttered.
  • Keep the sizes of the rugs compatible. Don’t add a huge rug on top of a small one.
  • Play around until  you like the layout. When I first put these three together I wasn’t sold but after I played around I got a pattern that makes sense and now I love it!!

The table cloth just adds an element of ‘pretty’ to the space. I’m very happy with how it all turned out, the space feels so much softer and cozier now.


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  1. I absolutely love the rug layering! That fur was an excellent choice and I think it was a good move, even though I love the cowhide rug. Gorgeous job, my friend! Xoxo

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