Fresh Cut Fav’s – A Simple 5 Step Style Guide

Growing up a simple country life, I was destined to have a love and appreciation for flowers and gardening. My mother and grandmother lived for gardening season and I guess you could say it was in my blood. As much as I enjoy being outdoors and getting my hands dirty I also LOVE bringing those blooms indoors. I almost always have fresh flowers somewhere in the house at all times. I have a few simple rules or guidelines that I tend to follow with my fresh cuts that I have learned over the years. Take a peek at a few of my fav snaps I have taken along the way and my 5 tips to go off of for your own home.


5 Simple Styling Tips for Fresh Cut Blooms

  1.  Cut the stems of your flowers when you get them home and transfer as quickly as possible into your water. The key to all fresh cuts is to make sure you have a very sharp pair of shears or a really good pairing knife and have a clean cut on the steam. The better the cut, the longer your blooms with last.
  2. Distilled water! I know its a bit more work but in some cases, it will double the length of time your blooms will last.
  3. Add a bit of sugar and apple cider to most of the water I use for my cuts. Think of it as food for the flowers and cuts.
  4. Keep it simple! I rarely ‘mix’ my types of flowers. It is easier on they eyes to focus on just one of two tones and types of blooms.
  5. Try to not over do it with too many flowers in a single spot or arrangement. To many flowers will make it look busy or overwhelming. Keep to odd numbers and be sure to look at your arrangement from every angle, you will want it to be appealing from every direction.

I have recently started taking cuts off of my blooming apple/orchard trees and my Mayday’s. The Mayday blooms make the whole house smell amazing!

Hydrangeas can be a bit fussy but the payoff is so worth it. Water at the same time everyday and try not to move these beauties. For more tips on hydrangeas check out my Big Bloomers post.


Tulips are always such an available and affordable option. Add a penny to the water of these beauties as well to get them to stand a bit straiter.


A little tip for roses is to find ones with the partially opened otherwise if they are to tight they may never fully open.

Peonies are probably my favourite flowers both indoors and out. For some really great tips on these beauties head to my Please Bring Me Peonies post.






2 thoughts on “Fresh Cut Fav’s – A Simple 5 Step Style Guide

  1. Thank you so much for the tips, Deborah. I wish I had known about putting a penny in the water with the tulips. Mine have bloomed and are gone, and as much as I like the casual feel of them flopping over, it seems once the hit the surface they start to lose petals

    Many other good ideas in this post, too!

    Have a great day!

    Jane x

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