Little Cottage Charmer 

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of getting a tour of one of the oldest properties in the little town next to ours. There’s just something about old houses, that in my opinion, have a little more beauty to them! Take a peek at this little gem in Didsbury, Alberta.





It was so wonderful to walk through this home and see all the custom details, the original stain glass windows,  the layers of paint on the bedroom floors, the beautiful mouldings and original trim throughout. The detailing on the wood carved staircase null posts was gorgeous!

The current homeowners have a huge green thumbs and have made impressive gardens in both the front yard and backyard of the property.

It’s always wonderful to hear the history of the home as well, and this one has so much. The original homeowner was a housebuilder back in the early 1900s, and his home shows the quality craftsmanship and pride that he put into his work.

Although the paint colours were a bit bold for my taste, the layout was quite open for home of this age, and there were two large bathrooms in the home which was not very common to have with house from this age.

This 5 bedroom house is for sale right now as well, so if you’re looking for a pretty piece of history, that’s already been completely upgraded this might be a good one for you.




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