Fresh Cut Fav’s – A Simple Style Guide

Summers coming to an end and I wanted to gather a grouping of all my favourite spring and summer flowers! Growing up a simple country life, I was destined to have a love and appreciation for flowers and gardening. I love having fresh blooms in the house at all times and they are even better when I can pick them from my own garden. Below are a few of my favourite types of flowers for indoors and images I have taken of them.


Very rarely do I mix my types of flowers and if I do, I like to keep it to only a couple different types that work well together.

Over the years I have found the best way to keep blooms lasting, is to use a sharp paring knife to cut an angled edge on the stem. Then pop them in to the water as quick as you can.

Distilled water is better than tap water as there isn’t the sediment in it. If you do decide to use a flower food, I have found that a small amount of apple cider vinegar and sugar seem to work just as well as the professional blend.




Changing the water and cutting your stems every few days will also make your blooms last much longer.

Some blooms like lilacs and peonies are a lot of work for a very short time of enjoyment, however in my opinion they are the ones that are most worth the work.




Hydrangea’s in a plant form are also one of my go to’s as they tend to bloom for a very long time and when they are looking a bit sad I replant mine in the garden outside! I have had a few come back year after year and give me lovely blooms.



Keep it simple and elegant with only a few separate flowers. Its great on the budget this way too. My favourite Aunt told me years ago that if you had fresh flowers in your house, no one would notice the mess. Maybe that is why I always like to have big blooms in the house!








3 thoughts on “Fresh Cut Fav’s – A Simple Style Guide

  1. Thank you so much for the tips, Deborah. I wish I had known about putting a penny in the water with the tulips. Mine have bloomed and are gone, and as much as I like the casual feel of them flopping over, it seems once the hit the surface they start to lose petals

    Many other good ideas in this post, too!

    Have a great day!

    Jane x

  2. Your flowers and styling are so beautiful! I have just started following you on IG and enjoy your posts about your beautiful home. I’m from New Brunswick! Have a great Labour Day!

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