Buttercream Clothing

I recently had the pleasure of hosting an amazing photoshoot at my home for the incredible Buttercream clothing line! The whole line of hand crafted, ethical, Canadian made clothing impressed me as much as the woman behind the vision. The fabrics were all such high quality and felt absolutely amazing on my skin! Each piece I tried on fit in all the right places! The details on the clothing had been so well thought out, from the pockets in the dresses to the subtle detailing of the buttons and patterns on many other pieces . I could’t believe how soft the bamboo material of the comfy lounge pants felt!  I love that my home offered so many different areas and looks for the professional team of Kara Rohl Photography and Chelsea Montgomery to shoot and style the models! My favourite part of the day though, was spending time chatting with the company founder and super mom Candice! Her calm demeanour during the busy-ness of the day truly impressed me and as we chatted I was completely inspired by her story of hard work and success! She started by making linen aprons for friends and small markets in Kelowna and now has her clothing in over 60 retail locations across Canada with 21 employed seamstresses working for her. All this while having 3 young children and another on the way! I know first hand how hard it is to manage a business with young children so I was completely in awe of how she managed to juggle all the balls in her basket! The day was spent enjoying new friends and beautiful cloths. I know I will be spending a lot of time in my new Buttercream dudes for sure!  Make sure you take a look below at some of my favourite shots and pieces from the day. Each image is linked to shop!











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