Little Cottage Charmer 

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of getting a tour of one of the oldest properties in the little town next to ours. There’s just something about old houses, that in my opinion, have a little more beauty to them! Take a peek at this little gem in Didsbury, Alberta.





It was so wonderful to walk through this home and see all the custom details, the original stain glass windows,  the layers of paint on the bedroom floors, the beautiful mouldings and original trim throughout. The detailing on the wood carved staircase null posts was gorgeous!

The current homeowners have a huge green thumbs and have made impressive gardens in both the front yard and backyard of the property.

It’s always wonderful to hear the history of the home as well, and this one has so much. The original homeowner was a housebuilder back in the early 1900s, and his home shows the quality craftsmanship and pride that he put into his work.

Although the paint colours were a bit bold for my taste, the layout was quite open for home of this age, and there were two large bathrooms in the home which was not very common to have with house from this age.

This 5 bedroom house is for sale right now as well, so if you’re looking for a pretty piece of history, that’s already been completely upgraded this might be a good one for you.



Guest Bedroom Retreat

When we first moved into our home, I wanted the right feel for each room. I loved the idea of a shabby chic guest room and I choose to go with a darker but soft blue tone in the room. I then kept all the furniture white and light allowing for a pretty contrast. Over the last year or so I have grown tired of the blue and have wanted to change things, or brighten things up a bit! I am so excited to share the finished look with all of you. I have included some before and afters for you with all the details on the new look. 


I have used so many different paint lines along the way but I decided to try out Canadian Tire’s new Premier paint line. I loved the range of whites that the line had and was excited to try out the so called ‘one coat coverage’, which totally worked btw!!

The product was extremely thick to apply however I was so impressed with how far a can could go and that the product covered the blue paint underneath in just one coat. It had very low to no fumes or smell and I also loved that it was local, Canadian and available in my small town.

I ended up choosing a colour called Mint White which was a very soft light white with a slight grey undertone and I am SO happy with the outcome. I love how much it has brighten up this space.

The guest room is directly across the hall from my master bedroom making it a space that I look into multiple times a day, so was very happy to add my favourite quote above the bed.

The print was made by the talented Jibe Prints.

I found this beautiful dresser a few years ago but it had no mirror. I hunted and searched until I  finally came across this stunner of a mirror that seemed to fit perfectly as a set. I knew right away that I couldn’t sell this one. It was a keeper.

I decided to add a big mix of pillows to the lovely ivory quilted bedding that is from Home Goods. The ‘Stay Awhile’ and Peony pillows are both from Linen and Ivory, while the bike and the large pink flower pillows are both from Homesense.

This amazing salvaged wood tray is from Vintage North! My FAV!

I made the pretty ‘Guest’ banner a long time ago using a black jiffy marker, a stencil, cloths pins, twine and vintage book pages. My old painting of the little girl is from talented and sweet Honey B’s at Home.

Most of the other decor that I have is garage sale and second hand store finds that I painted or altered to find my style.

The before and afters show just how much a coat of paint can make a difference!

Simple, subtle changes like the paint colour, thanks Canadian Tire, and the pillows have made such a difference in this space and I am so happy I finally changed things up! It is such a soft and refreshing space for my guest and myself to enjoy.














Fresh Cut Fav’s – A Simple 5 Step Style Guide

Growing up a simple country life, I was destined to have a love and appreciation for flowers and gardening. My mother and grandmother lived for gardening season and I guess you could say it was in my blood. As much as I enjoy being outdoors and getting my hands dirty I also LOVE bringing those blooms indoors. I almost always have fresh flowers somewhere in the house at all times. I have a few simple rules or guidelines that I tend to follow with my fresh cuts that I have learned over the years. Take a peek at a few of my fav snaps I have taken along the way and my 5 tips to go off of for your own home.


5 Simple Styling Tips for Fresh Cut Blooms

  1.  Cut the stems of your flowers when you get them home and transfer as quickly as possible into your water. The key to all fresh cuts is to make sure you have a very sharp pair of shears or a really good pairing knife and have a clean cut on the steam. The better the cut, the longer your blooms with last.
  2. Distilled water! I know its a bit more work but in some cases, it will double the length of time your blooms will last.
  3. Add a bit of sugar and apple cider to most of the water I use for my cuts. Think of it as food for the flowers and cuts.
  4. Keep it simple! I rarely ‘mix’ my types of flowers. It is easier on they eyes to focus on just one of two tones and types of blooms.
  5. Try to not over do it with too many flowers in a single spot or arrangement. To many flowers will make it look busy or overwhelming. Keep to odd numbers and be sure to look at your arrangement from every angle, you will want it to be appealing from every direction.

I have recently started taking cuts off of my blooming apple/orchard trees and my Mayday’s. The Mayday blooms make the whole house smell amazing!

Hydrangeas can be a bit fussy but the payoff is so worth it. Water at the same time everyday and try not to move these beauties. For more tips on hydrangeas check out my Big Bloomers post.


Tulips are always such an available and affordable option. Add a penny to the water of these beauties as well to get them to stand a bit straiter.


A little tip for roses is to find ones with the partially opened otherwise if they are to tight they may never fully open.

Peonies are probably my favourite flowers both indoors and out. For some really great tips on these beauties head to my Please Bring Me Peonies post.






Easter Parade Blog Hop

Spring is popping up everywhere these days and I couldn’t be happier! I always find this time of year so difficult to keep the house clean with all the muddy boots coming and going and the dry grass making it’s way in and ending up everywhere in the house.  However, those things make me excited because they mark the time to put away the cozy sheep skins and wool throws and freshen up the house with birds nests, eggs and greenery! I love how much my kiddos love the arrival of the Easter decor and the bunnies I put out through out the house. My daughter thinks that fairy’s came and dropped them off while she was sleeping. Either way it means that warmer weather, fresh blooms and lots of time with family and friends is just around the corner. I am so excited to have teamed up with an incredible group of women and bring you this Easter Blog hop. If you are just joining now or joining me from Kim and Lacey at Styled with Lace, welcome! Make sure to head on over to CC at CC and Mike when you are done here!  So grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy! 

I love adding touches of fresh flowers through out the house. I have a collection of antique blue mason jars on my dining room and I love changing the blooms each time so I never get bored. Chairs are Restoration Hardware

Boxwood and bunnies is the perfect combination for my Spring mantel. This year I kept things very fresh, trying to use fresh flowers and layers of simple decor. I love how the little details all work well together and give texture to the space. The ladder is Vintage North

To get the DIY on how I made my twine Easter Egg banner, head on over here. The chippy spindles in my Ikea jug are from an old chair I had in my garden! I love how they look.

Last year I made this pretty lil’robin’s nest and I still love it this year. For a tutorial on how to make your own birds nest click here

My favourite floral patterned pillows from MM Studios give the space the perfect pop of blue. I also have a gorgeous ‘Stay Awhile’ pillow from the lovely Kendra @SoVintageChic .

My large armoire is originally from Chintz and Co. I have a very detailed how to on getting the chalk paint colour and technique here

Fresh tulips always make the house feel like Spring! I hope you enjoying this lil’Easter tour and make sure to head on over to all the other lovely ladies on the tour! I have listed them below for your leisure xx

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5 Simple Ways to Decorate for Valentine’s Day

L-O-V-E Day is just around the corner and I am so excited to have teamed up with a few A-MAZ-ING and talented bloggers to bring you a variety of ways to decorate for Valentines Day. If your just joining me from Ashley’s, House of Five, beautiful site, welcome! Between the six of us you will find some great tips for this years love decor, so grab a cup of joe and head on over to each of our sites to get some great inspiration. From here you will head on over to the talented Bec’s, LuvBec, beautiful blog. Also be sure to follow my blog to see all my posts first! Simply head to the bottom of the page and hit the follow button. You can also follow me on Pinterest here or by hovering your cursor over the picture and clicking the Pin it button ❤️



Jute round rug is Pottery Barn. The hide rug is Costco and the woven rug is HomeSense. Chandelier is Home Depot and the ladder is Vintage North. The wall colour is Benjamin Moore White Wisp Salvage architectural piece is Station 8 Antiques in Montana

 This year I really wanted to keep things neutral and I was really feeling an almost boho style!

I had some chunky white letters kicking around in the shop that I had purchased before from Walmart for a Xmas project a few years ago. I was missing the V and when I went back to get it they had stopped carrying this type of letter so I thought I would make one out of salvaged tin. I painted it a white and love how it turned out.

 I also had the three hearts that I had made for Valentine’s Day last year (check out the completely different setup I had last year). Find the DIY tutorial’s on the hearts here. I wanted to try something new and decided they would make a beautiful boho inspired mobile to hang on my door above the mantel.

I used a piece of birch tree as the base and then a variation of crochet and satin laces, twine, twigs, dried roses and the hearts. I LOVE how this ended up and it was SO easy to make!

I am also so happy I decided to hang this door above the fireplace about a year ago, it allows me to change my decor above the mantle all the time without having to patch holes or worry about repainting.

The coral is a piece I used to have in my bathroom that I purchased while down south from World Market. I love the height that gives and the mild pop of color it adds to the mantle.

The jug is from Ikea and it has some salvaged chair spindles sitting in it. To soften the whole space I added fresh cut, soft pink roses! My hubby actually came home last night from a trip out of town with them for me and I love the color he chose.

The whole space turned out exactly how I had envisioned it and was so affordable and easy to do. The kiddos also think its so fun and love that we are able to decorate for Valentines Day!


Hungarian Dough bowl was off Etsy, Heart pillow is yours truly. Large ‘M’ is Micheals


I hope you get some inspiration for your mantle and make sure to check out the other ladies on the tour!

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Our Master Bedroom

I have always felt that a person needs a place to retreat, a 100% safe and happy place. I work hard to have a whole home that allows my family to feel this way. Each of my children helped plan their own rooms, picking out things that made them happy, our own master bedroom was no exception to this either. My husband and I both love to go and relax in this space, a place just for us. I thought I would share a little sneak peak at the details of this room with you all.



When we bought this house, one of my absolute favourite things about it were the 6 sets of HUGE bay windows that it had, not only the outside look of them but also the layout that they gave on the inside . The master bedroom had just the most beautiful sitting area with the bay window and it’s like it had already been mapped out for me.

I love that it gave me a spot to retreat and read a book or have a quiet moment in a space that was so bright and cozy already. From the moment I set foot in the room, I knew I was going to add a little sparkle to it by hanging a beautiful chandelier, this one is from Home Depot. The large armoire was originally from the Paliser Hotel in Calgary, I painted it a cream, distressed it and used a dirty wax to give it an aged feel.

I loved the mountain view that the room has even though it is on the most eastern side of the town. When you purchase an older home you have to take the good with the bad and unfortunately this master bedroom does not have a ensuite bath, but beggars can’t be choosers and I have become very used to now. We didn’t want to take on a massive renovation for something that didn’t bother us that much in the first place and we felt that we wanted to spend our money in other places in the home.

The closet was actually very large considering the age of the home and I figure if it’s not going to fit in the space then I don’t really need it. The only other issue of the room is that there is not enough room for a king bed, but on the bright side I just get to cuddle with the hubs a bit more.

The beautiful cream sofa bench, from HomeSense, that I had in the living room of my previous home, fit perfectly in the bay window. The extremely large mirror that I purchased from the Hudson’s Bay Company  for our previous home fit like a glove as well and gave me the perfect spot to figure out my daily outfit. I also found this stunning dress form at Cranberry Junction while vacationing in Kelowna.

 I chose the same wall colour in my master bedroom as the dining room, Grey Cashmere by Benjamin Moore and the trim is Oxford White by Benjamin Moore, the same as the rest of the house. The cozy, cream coloured over sized sheep skin rug is from Costco and the beautiful antique dresser was a wedding gift from our lovely family.

All the small objects are vintage finds that came across on my travels.

 I had this vision of french country bedding for this room. I wanted it to be comfortable, soft, cozy and ‘easy to make’ . I have always loved the look of ruffles and linen bedding so when I found an A-MAZ-ING and talented lady on Etsy, Design by Nurdan, who was able to make me exactly what I wanted, using had woven turkish linen, I was so, so happy!

Yours truly made the quoted pillow, its a fitting quote as we are high school sweet hearts.  The bedding was our house warming gift to ourselves, a bit of a splurge but SO worth it.

I had the doors that now hang above our bed all hinged together to make a room divider in our last home. I used it to hide my treadmill as we didn’t have a garage there. I knew I wanted to hang one in the room above the bed when we moved in but once we got one up the idea came to me to try all three!!!

I LOVE how this project turned out and the statement it gives the room without outdoing any other part of the space. I also like that I can change out the wreath and decor on the headboard to change up the look at anytime and it doesn’t put permanent holes in the wall. The clock was a gift from a friend and came from the Pottery Barn.

Holiday Home Tour 2016 ~ Part Two

Baby its cold outside!!! I hope y’all had a chance to take a peek at part one of my Holiday Home Tour!  As cold as this winter has already been so far, it has also been an absolutely beautiful one with all the frost and snow! It makes decorating for Xmas so much easier and more fun! Part two of my tour is the interior portion, I love to add cozy, natural, DIY elements through out as much as I can! So grab a cup of joe and scroll through to see lots of beautiful christmas inspiration. Be sure to follow my blog to see all my posts first! Simply head to the bottom of the page and hit the follow button. Also follow me on Pinterest here or by hovering your cursor over the picture and clicking the Pin it button ❤️

 Tis the season



This year I wanted a bit more of an inviting front entrance to the house. If you took a peek at part one of my tour, you saw that I had a grander front porch than previous years, so I wanted to carry that into the front entrance when you entered the house. I found this adorable Nutcracker at Homesense a few years ago and loved that it went so well with the red in our original stain glass windows. The chair is usually by my fireplace but needed to be moved to fit the tree in that spot.

I got my HUGE poinsettia at Costco this year, a little tip for you with poinsettias is to not over water them! They prefer to be on the dryer side. The Santa bag was brought last year by the man in red, but I originally got it at Homesense as well. I love the layered look of this space!

I kept my front stairway very simple this year with one strand of cedar garland. The stair runner is West Elm jute rugs and the full tutorial can be found here.

The dining room table is always so much fun to dress up and this year I decide to showcase my large collection of blue jars. They already remind me of things that sparkle so no better time to display them then at Xmas.

EAT letters are B Vintage. Dough Bowl is Antique Farmhouse

I add greens to my ladder light every year as it just makes it look so festive. I usually stick to cedar and blue spruce to insure no needles drop on the table below.

I added a simple wreath to my grandmothers hutch an used vintage ornaments and fresh greens to pull it all together. I love how the dough bowl from Antique Farmhouse looks with the candles as well. Chairs are Restoration Hardware. Table and bench are B Vintage

I brought out my dish holder to display my Queen Anne antique china dishes for christmas dinner. I left the crystal door knobs in the top because I loved how they went with the other xmas decor in the room. That little bit of sparkle.

The tree skirt is a DIY project that I knit this past month and I love how it turned out. It is actually just a huge, chunky blanket that I wrapped around the base of the tree!

In previous years, I have always draped the cedar green around my triple french doors but this year I decided to add them to one of the bay windows. I love how much this added to this room and made it feel christmasy. The greens really framed in my sitting area.

I chose to keep the fireplace very simple this year by adding a natural green wreath and hung my hubbies latest antler rack in the centre.

I made the pretty white salvaged tin tree out of scrap metal I had in the shop! I love how it turned out.

The mantel is simple christmas string with antique ornaments and eucalyptus. The round jute rug is Pottery Barn and the sheep skin hide is from Costco .

The tree is a spruce that we cut down this year on our family farm. Do you see my little friend sitting in the tree skirt?

I made this adorable little wreath pillow this year. I actually double sided it with a different wreath on both sides so that I won’t grow tired of it as quickly.

I picked up the sheep skin rug from Costco and layered it over my other rug to make it a bit cozier for winter. My kiddos love it there so much though it may end up staying. My felt rug is from Homesense and metallic pouf is Etsy

Our big tree is artificial and is from Costco, the blue hutch is originally Chintz and Co.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to like the Duck Egg cabinet at Christmas time but I LOVE it. It keeps the room so fresh and airy. Find details on how I got the colour here.

I chose to keep the kitchen very simple this year by just adding a few touches of greenery and vintage Xmas balls through out.

My simple nativity scene is the perfect touch to get the Christmas feel. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and take every moment you can to enjoy time with family and friends. I hope you enjoyed this portion of my tour! Feel free to leave a comment below as I would love to hear from you. Merry Christmas everyone!!!




Holiday Home Tour 2016~ Part One 

Happy Holidays my friends!

I am so excited to share my Holiday Home Tour with y’all this year, I am afraid it was such big one this time that I have broken it into two parts. Part one will be all the outdoor decor and cozy details and then part two is my interior house tour! This year I decided to really go big on the front deck! I wanted people strolling past to really feel the christmas spirit. Be sure to follow my blog to see all my posts first! Simply head to the bottom of the page and hit the follow button and follow me on Pinterest here or by hovering your cursor over the picture and clicking the button ❤️

 Tis the season


 The snow came early in December this year and it was perfect timing to for cozy, snowy pictures for this tour. This house has been white its whole life and I just love how it looks in every season but especially in winter.

I order my greens from a local florist (Lofty Designs for those of you in my area) as I enjoy doing the pots myself,  I like to get them at the end of November so that they look good right into the New Year. I always get one box of cedar and one box of mixed greens to do the whole house.


Red is always my favourite accent for the outside of our all white house so I added very simple touches with the heart pillow and JOY sign made by yours truly as well as my favourite collection of vintage stacked  suitcases.

I recently hung the big beautiful Gather print that was made for me by Jibe Prints. I built a very simple frame for it and LOVE how much personality it gives the space!


I purchased the beautiful spruce wreaths that are hanging on the windows from Costco this year and added the cute little burlap bows. 

As many of you know I have a piano on my front deck! Yes, yes I know it will wreck the sound board but I love it out there! I think its such a pretty spot to have a piano on the wrap around deck and right beside the gazebo portion of the deck. I love to decorate it for the changing seasons. The greens I have on it this year are from Micheals


I hope you enjoyed this portion of my tour! Feel free to leave a comment below as I would love to hear from you. Make sure you follow along or come back in a few days to check out the rest of my Holiday Home Tour 2016! Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Barnwood Beauty – Refinishing a Kitchen Hood Vent

The kitchen in our big ol’house needs a major renovation like new cabinets, updated appliances and other small add ons but for now I am just updating it little by little as we have so many other areas that we still want to update through out, like our attic and bathrooms.  The more we do to the space the happier I am with waiting to renovate it as it has become so cozy and liveable. So far we have pulled up the original floors, added concrete countertops, new hardware, and even added a dishwasher. Recently we updated the hood vent, to make it more ‘Us’. I felt like the hood vent really dated the room and didn’t go with the cozy kitchen vibe I wanted, so a few weeks ago we took a chance and changed it  up. I LOVE how is turned out and am so happy with how it flows with the whole room. Take a peek below of some of the before and after photos. Don’t forget to hit the follow button below to see all my posts first and follow me on Pinterest hereHeart






Layers and Layers of Cozy – How to Layer Area Rugs

We have lived in this home for going on 4 years now and in that time I have changed the decor SO many times! I have had four different dining room tables, multiple hutches that have come and gone and now rugs, that I have changed out. For a very long time I had a Brazilian cowhide in the fireplace sitting room, as I loved the speckled chicness of the rug. It was beautiful however it wasn’t the most comfortable rug to sit on and read to the kids or be in front of the fireplace. It was also a very dark rug and I  felt like it needed a change and to be lighten up in this room. Take a peak below at some before and afters as well as the details of where I got the rugs. Don’t forget to hit the Follow Button below to get all my post first or follow me on Pinterest hereHeart



I first thought about placing a large knit round rug here for some texture, however knit rugs are hard to keep in place and I knew my Roomba would have a hay day with it.



I remembered that I had a very large round shaped doily table cloth that I could lay down to see if the idea was worth moving forward. I decided I loved the look but it needed more depth and texture. I had a sheep skin that I had purchased from Costco awhile back that I placed in the area but it just wasn’t big enough.

Finally I landed on the idea of layering the two with a jute round rug underneath to tie in all the texture! I decided it looked the best with only a small amount of the table cloth covering the jute and then the hide on an angle above that. You can find table cloths like this one at second hand stores, antique stores, or order similar one that is wool on Etsy.

It looks SO prefect in the space. Not only does it fill the area, but now the kids now have a soft place to lie and read books or play.The 6′ round jute rug is from Pottery Barn.

A couple tips for layering your own rugs are

  • Make sure that you have varying textures.
  • Always leave enough of the rug underneath showing. If you cover to much of each it looks cluttered.
  • Keep the sizes of the rugs compatible. Don’t add a huge rug on top of a small one.
  • Play around until  you like the layout. When I first put these three together I wasn’t sold but after I played around I got a pattern that makes sense and now I love it!!

The table cloth just adds an element of ‘pretty’ to the space. I’m very happy with how it all turned out, the space feels so much softer and cozier now.