Little Cottage Charmer 

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of getting a tour of one of the oldest properties in the little town next to ours. There’s just something about old houses, that in my opinion, have a little more beauty to them! Take a peek at this little gem in Didsbury, Alberta. Enjoy        […]

Guest Bedroom Retreat

When we first moved into our home, I wanted the right feel for each room. I loved the idea of a shabby chic guest room and I choose to go with a darker but soft blue tone in the room. I then kept all the furniture white and light allowing for a pretty contrast. Over […]

5 Simple Ways to Decorate for Valentine’s Day

L-O-V-E Day is just around the corner and I am so excited to have teamed up with a few A-MAZ-ING and talented bloggers to bring you a variety of ways to decorate for Valentines Day. If your just joining me from Ashley’s, House of Five, beautiful site, welcome! Between the six of us you will […]

Our Master Bedroom

I have always felt that a person needs a place to retreat, a 100% safe and happy place. I work hard to have a whole home that allows my family to feel this way. Each of my children helped plan their own rooms, picking out things that made them happy, our own master bedroom was […]

Holiday Home Tour 2016 ~ Part Two

Baby its cold outside!!! I hope y’all had a chance to take a peek at part one of my Holiday Home Tour!  As cold as this winter has already been so far, it has also been an absolutely beautiful one with all the frost and snow! It makes decorating for Xmas so much easier and […]

Holiday Home Tour 2016~ Part One 

Happy Holidays my friends! I am so excited to share my Holiday Home Tour with y’all this year, I am afraid it was such big one this time that I have broken it into two parts. Part one will be all the outdoor decor and cozy details and then part two is my interior house […]

Trick or Treat Halloween Home Tour 🎃

Something spooky is in the air at our house these days….. As much as Halloween is not my favourite holiday to decorate for, it is my kids, so we go all out!! It’s funny because every year we decorate my poor son is the first one to ask when we can get up the halloween […]